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пятница, 27 мая 2011 г.

Возможная связь среди знаков на полях

Продолжаю тему: http://ivanovo-kp.blogspot.com/2011/05/first-crop-circles-2011-fukushima.html
John Scott в своих расчетах находит связь круга от июля 2010 года с ветровывалом в Краснодаре!
Совпадение? Судите сами!

Вот еще видео которое он сделал по нашим фотографиям.
Про Анну Курникову он пошутил, не судите строго!

Вот то, что он написал под фотографией:

In regards to the Russian crop "formation" , I call it a formation not a circle as it's not a definable pattern, I still feel it is genuine because of the alignments to a previous crop circle Woolaston Grange. It also looks like it is cut out with a precision band saw as there are perfect small patterns within standing crop. No one could flatten hundreds of small circles right in the middle of standing crop without damaging the rest of the crop.
Last year in the United Kingdom there were similar smaller crop bursts that were near other crop circles that were more symbolic that encompassed a pattern. Some people speculated they looked like Solar wind bursts? With this crop formation I found that it also linked to Woolaston Grange crop circle as a 24th alignment. So it is ongoing dialogue in regards to the previous 23 alignments in Woolaston crop circle. 23 in esoteric literature means "death", so this formation may indicate, "chaos", "fragmentation", "decay" "disorder" and on a global scale. I will post a picture to the 24th alignment to show people the link to Woolaston Grange CC. In physics in general people have to expand beyond what they think is "satisfactory" in regards to what "we want" from the makers. It doesn't work like this, they are sending an abstract message of some significance. This formation with its chaotic image is in accordance with physics principals and sociological outcomes because they are talking to "us". From order we can have chaos and then order again, this is actually how the universe works. A metaphor would be like looking at grass stalks very close up, as we look at the grass the grass is all chaotic with no rhythm, as we expand our view outward the grass becomes more visually uniform, it becomes "ordered", as we ascend higher we see rice paddies and wheat fields that look chaotic with no order or rigid definable boundaries. As we ascend further we see a defined ordered district of farming? So in regards to this actual crop formation it may be telling us as our systems collapse then chaos will ensue on many levels. Sociologically this is not good as it may indicate major disruption in the way we live. Usually when systems break down violence ensues, so my message is rather than get violent, simplify our lives and get closer to the earth. The message is very large on a systemic global level so as individuals finding solutions is difficult. However this is the message we keep receiving as we head toward 2012. All prophecies in all spiritual doctrines talked of a time of great trouble or tribulation during this time and compassion, patience and non-violence is essential at this time. Simple solutions of finding clean water and growing clean food is imperative. Remember we are all connected and want the same outcomes of a caring compassionate world. Getting there takes time.

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