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четверг, 28 апреля 2011 г.

Предупреждение свыше?

В Facebook появилась интересная интерпретация Newton Alienigena расшифровки круга появившегося в Великобритании 22.04.2011 года. Вот смотрите и решайте сами:

First Crop Circle in UK turned up in Wales!

Its location recalls Woolaston Crop Circle from 2010, which has clear connections with Oldbury Nuclear Power Station. At the time of the 2010 Crop Circle the debate was about deciding where to build more e bigger Nukes in UK. Woolaston just looked like an advice not to do so. Decisions were made and the site had green light for the new plants. Then Japan disaster struck to make clear about the dangers of building fragile installations in a growing unstable environment. All forgotten, the first CC appears to remind us that someone else did not forget to leave another warning!

If natural disaster strikes somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean, tides and surges of water would funnel into the Severn causing severe damage to Oldbury Nuclear site.

A preliminary analysis shows similarities related to the angle which the crop circle and the nuclear plants stand geographically related to the north plus other coincidental detail, which reinforces the previous ideas.

Ну так, что? Ждать ещё одной Фукусимы в Европе?

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